Living in Romania

Moving to a new country is exciting and scary at the same time. Moving abroad means learning a new language, getting used to a new culture, making new friends and learning to feel comfortable and getting around in a new city.

Living in Romania comes with several benefits and for sure will improve your life in many ways. While Romania is not the first country that comes to mind when moving abroad, the country will surprise many expats on various aspects of life. Firstly, the cost of living is fairly cheap in Romania. For basic goods, Romania has some of the lowest prices in the EU. While wages in Romania are quite low, if you work for a multinational company, you can live really comfortably in Romania on much less than you need in your home country.

Bucharest is one of the most interesting capital cities in Europe. The old town has a lot of energy and many restaurants and bars have openened in the past few years. The new part of town is great for shopping and offers lots of fun for many people.

The articles below are intended to inform and you with useful and interesting information about Romania’s culture, manners and way of life which might come in handy when moving to Romania. Educate yourself with our provided information about living in Romania below!

Videos about Romania

Romania might not rank high on the ‘go-to-travel’ list of many people, but the inhabitants and expats living in Romania are likely to convince you otherwise. The Romanian Carpathians offers beautiful landscapes with mountains…

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Public Transport in Romania

Public Transport in Romania

Romania and Bucharest have a lot to offer in city and regional public transport. Read here an overview of what you can expect.

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The Cost of lLving in Bucharest

The Cost of Living in Bucharest

Living abroad you will have different prices for your cost of living in Bucharest. Find here some price levels to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Translation app

Translation App

The US Foreign Service Intititute categorizes languages on how many hours it takes for native English speakers to learn them. Romanian is a ‘Category 1’ language, meaning that it is one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn.

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life in Romania

What can you expect Living in Romania?

Living in Romania you will find yourself in a sort of Mediterranean environment. Life happens outside with a comfortable land climate inland and a sea climate on the coastal region.

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Bucket List

Romania has so much to offer, that it’s is a matter of when and where to start! The Carpathian mountains, the old Dacian capital, Little Paris and Dracula’s castle to name a few. Find here our little list of what we believe any visitor to Romania…

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Accomodation in romania

Accommodation in Romania

For people that start to work in Romania, in many cases employers provide the first weeks accommodation (always ask your employer about the relocation package). This gives you time to orientate and look for your own place.

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