What life in Romania is all about

Living in Romania you will find yourself in a sort of Mediterranean environment. Life happens outside with a comfortable land climate inland and a sea climate on the coastal region.

Romanians generally feel happy and comfortable living in Romania. This might be a sense of patriotism or a lack of all there is to desire from Western economies. If we look at the increasing standard of living, one might think otherwise. People are happy with what the country has to offer. And notice the country is in sort of a lift: highways are build, the country connects to the rest of the world and basic need care is implemented.

The clear starting point for this uplift is the end of the dictatorship of Ceaușescu. In 1989 the country started to flourish again. People got freedom of traveling, jobs, people could start businesses and trade within or outside the country. People were able to improve there own conditions of living, while the country started to offer general improvements at the same time. The conditions of life improved with all the amenities and commodities modern life. Today Romania offers beauty and facilities to make a stay in Romania a pleasant one.

Living in Romania

Source: Eurostat 2015/2016

Romanians are generally trusting people. When it comes to trusting state institutions, people feel safe and taken care of. This in spite of the occasional political controversy, favoritism and the corruption charges against the former Prime Minister Victor Ponta. This clearly shows Romania is serious in not allowing these kind of practices to stand in the way of further development of the country. The current independent Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș has strong ties within the EU. Something Romania can profit from.

Is Romania all fun? It all depends what you make of it! One will find many cultural differences. Sure you will find a lack of regard for road regulations, slow follow up on service and somewhat incomprehensible bureaucratic procedures. Romanians run faster if there is a direct gain. Relocating to Romania every one will find them self in a situation where you think: ‘What did I get myself into?’ Meet these cultural differences with a smile and you will indeed find that Romania has plenty to offer to start a new life abroad.

What can you expect Living in Romania?

First of all Romania already hosts around 175.000 expats, mainly concentrated in larger cities and on the coast. Renting an apartment in Romania is not difficult, yet inform yourself well of prices and how to pay your bills. Expats will find themselves in a safe country among generally happy people. Younger generations will aspire to pursue a (temporary) career abroad, while older generations feel comfortable to stay in Romania. The country is truly beautiful! Added to that Romania’s main work place Bucharest in all its splendor feels like a true European metropolis. For a year or a longer stay Romania is definitely a place to consider!

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