Working in Romania took a positive change at the end of the Cold War. People started businesses, trade, employ and find employment. Successive governments created favorable circumstances for foreign investments and we also see a strong increase of foreign investments. This meant more opportunities for Romania, Romanian people and foreign workers in/towards Romania.

Working in Romania

Source: Eurostat 2015/2016

Today these changes culminated in a sense of satisfaction for workers in Romania. Wages permit a reasonable standard of living, which standard increases exponentially every year. Although wages are much lower compared to the EU average, low taxation and low cost of living make life good. Traditionally people grew their own vegetables, raise their own cattle and even today all people have in their family some sort of self sustaining support. Lower wages to the local population are common, while foreign workers bring necessary skills and receive a higher compensation.

On average a foreign worker will gain a higher salary. In itself this makes sense as for you as an expat you usually cannot rely on your family for crops or assistance. Especially your first months will be more expensive as you need to find your way around your new environment. It will take you a while to find out how to shop cheap, get accustomed to seasonal products and such.

In the same period foreign investors discovered Romania as a country of opportunity and started branches in the capitol and cities like Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara. Soon after foreign workers started to come to work in Romania. By 2016 expats make up for 175.000+ people (almost 1 percent of the population).

What can you expect working in Romania?

Management is still hierarchic and most management positions are filled in with local people. On average wages are lower than for other roles for expats. You can expect a twice a month wage, making up monthly between € 900 (RON 4000) and € 1400 (RON 6200) for regular customer service roles. The customer support sector is growing steadily bringing many opportunities for expats. This wage permits you a decent standard of living, though do not count yourself rich.

Our advice: when considering Romania for your next location, take some time to look into website about the country and the area where you could live. This relocation deserves you spend some time investigating what you are getting into.

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