With this article we aim to inform you on the fact that also in Romania Labour Rights are well implemented. As you can expect a Labour Code and a Labour Inspection are in place. What are your rights? What can you do if you feel your employee rights are not respected. The Labour Code we attached in this article.

Any EU employer is required to uphold the labor law for each individual employee. Should it happen that you feel treated unfair or not according labor regulations: read here what you can do.

Romania Labour Rights

After you agree to a contract with an employer. The contract is the base for your future work relation. Make sure you understand the clauses in the contract, if anything is unclear, ask before signing! After the contract habit in your work will be included in this relation. With habit we mean, if for example you always work 8:00-16:30, this becomes habit and therefore a right. In other words habit is based on what is common or repetitive in your regular work situation.

Your basic rights

  • Health and safety at work
  • Equal opportunities for men and women
  • Protection against discrimination: race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability
  • Labour Code needs to be implemented

Some pointers to observe

  • Employers are not allowed to register (eg. sound recording) your intake interview. However a candidate can do this.
  • Change of Contract or Habit: 3 days in advance a written request for your consent.
  • Financial/monetary pressure, punishment and/or wage/bonus deduction in any form is illegal.
  • Any form of bonus should be related to the result of your individual input.
  • Do not accept pressure or intimidation by your employer/manager: this is harassment.
  • Be careful accepting outside work-related phone calls.
  • Employers like to squeeze pennies: be very careful accepting tasks not listed in your contract.
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work: Everybody with the same job description needs to be paid equal.
  • Consult the Labour Code of Romania if you have concerns, or write us with your questions!

An irregularity that is often overlooked, but could be good to take note of: Employers like to make publicity for their company. For this they use for example a Facebook page. Keep in mind that nobody has the right to publish any picture of you on any outside (social) media without your specific permission.

In any relation: Give and Take within reason, do what you are supposed to do and do it well. You should not have any problems!

Reporting your Employer for Irregularities

If you feel your employer is unreasonable and you cannot come to reason, you can report your employer to the EU Commission. Note: reporting your employer is a pretty severe measure. Only do this when you have proof and if possible as a collective.

To report your irregularity, see to contact the EU commission in Brussels: Submit a Complaint to the EU.

If you have any questions, you can also contact our team: info@careersineurope.eu